Event Calendar

Ready, Set, Read! at the Champaign Public Library

From 9:45AM to 11:00AM

Champaign Public Library, Champaign IL

Animal Encounters at the Orpheum

From 11:00AM to 11:30AM

Come learn about the Orpheum’s animals! The Orpheum Education Team will talk to visitors about our animals, followed by an animal feeding time. Participants will take a closer look at our aquatic turtles, land turtle, bearded dragons, veiled chameleon,  and corn snake.


Adults: $5; Children: $5; Seniors: $4

DIY Kids! at the Douglass Branch Library

From 4:00PM to 5:00PM

Douglass Branch Library, Champaign Illinois

After Hours (1985)

From 7:00PM to n/a

(97 min)  “After Hours” approaches the notion of pure filmmaking; it’s a nearly flawless example of — itself. It lacks, as nearly as I can determine, a lesson or message, and is content to show the hero facing a series of interlocking challenges to his safety and sanity. It is “The Perils of Pauline” told boldly and well.

Critics have called it “Kafkaesque” almost as a reflex, but that is a descriptive term, not an explanatory one. Is the film a cautionary tale about life in the city? To what purpose? New York may offer a variety of strange people awake after midnight, but they seldom find themselves intertwined in a bizarre series of coincidences, all focused on the same individual. You’re not paranoid if people really are plotting against you, but strangers do not plot against you to make you paranoid. The film has been described as dream logic, but it might as well be called screwball logic; apart from the nightmarish and bizarre nature of his experiences, what happens to Paul Hackett is like what happens to Buster Keaton: just one damned thing after another”.  – From the reconsideration in Roger Ebert’s book “Scorsese by Ebert.”




2017 Summer Reading Programs for All Ages

From n/a to n/a

This summer, make time to read the books you love and win prizes just for reading!  Read books of your choice (including eBooks and audiobooks), and attend fun programs. Get ready for Reading by Design!  2017 Summer Reading Program Information Brochure (Printable PDF)

For Children

  •     For children birth through those entering grade 6 – both readers and listeners.
  •     Each time you read at least 15 minutes, mark your reading log.
  •     Bring your completed log to the Library to receive a free book plus coupons for local businesses.
  •     For each additional log you complete, you will receive another free book!
  •     Parents and caregivers who read to a child registered in the program receive a free book.

For Teens

  •     For teens who have completed grades 6 through 12.
  •     Select books of your choice and keep track of the number of pages read.
  •     Every time you read 1,000 pages, come to the Library to pick out a free book from our selection of new books.
  •     Reading also enters you in a weekly raffle to win a complete book series.

For Adults

  •     For adults who love to read. Why let kids have all the fun?
  •     Read books of your choice and record your reading progress.
  •     After you read 4 books, stop by the Library to select a free book from our selection of popular books.
  •     Keep reading!  For each additional four books you complete, you will receive another free book!

The Summer Reading Program is generously supported by the Friends of The Urbana Free Library.